YouTube Tag Extractor

Unlock competitor’s secrets with YouTube Tag Extractor.

Do you want your YouTube videos to reach more people? Have you tried using relevant YouTube tags? Is your tag strategy reaching the right audience?

Using the right tags can help your videos reach a more targeted audience. Tags are keywords that tell YouTube what your video is about with more context, making it easier for people to find it. This is where the free YouTube Tags Extractor tool comes in.


What is YouTube Tags Extractor?

The YouTube Tags Extractor is a free tool that helps you get insight into your competitor’s Youtube tags strategy by extracting their video tags. 


Why Use YouTube Tags Extractor?

By seeing what tags successful videos use, you can get ideas for your own tags. This can help improve your video's search ranking and visibility.

Using the YouTube Tags Extractor offers several benefits:

  • See What Works: Find out which tags popular videos in your niche are using. This helps you understand what works and apply similar tags to your videos.
  • Improve Search Rankings: Using effective tags can help your video show up in more search results, leading to more views.
  • Save Time: Instead of guessing which tags to use, you can quickly find and use proven tags.


How to Use YouTube Tags Extractor?

Using the YouTube Tags Extractor is easy:

  • Enter the Video URL: Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to analyze and paste it into the YouTube Tags Extractor tool.
  • Extract Tags: Click the extract button. The tool will show you all the tags used in that video.
  • Copy and Use: Copy the relevant tags for your video and add them to your own video's metadata.


Best Practices for Using Tags

To get the most out of your YouTube tags, follow these simple tips:

  • Keep it Relevant: Only use tags that are related to your video's content. Irrelevant tags can confuse the YouTube algorithm, misrepresent video irrelevant searches, and hurt your ranking.
  • Mix Broad and Specific Tags: Use a combination of general tags (like "cooking") and specific tags (like "vegan pasta recipe") to reach a wider audience. Both categories of tags are equally important, choose wisely. 
  • Update Regularly: Stay relevant! Trends change fast, so update your video tags with trending keywords to keep viewers discovering your content.
  • Monitor Results: Check your video's performance and adjust your tags as needed to improve results.


How Many Tags Per Video Should I Use?

There are no clear answers, some say 5 to 8 tags per video, and others up to 20 tags per video. We recommend 5 to 8 mixture of relevant general & specific tags per video. 


Tags vs. Hashtags

Tags are keywords used on platforms like YouTube and blogs to improve searchability and categorize content. Hashtags are keywords preceded by #, used on social media to increase visibility and join trending conversations. Tags optimize search results, while hashtags enhance social media engagement.



The free YouTube Tags Extractor is a powerful tool for anyone looking to increase their video's visibility on YouTube. By using tags that work, you can get more impressions, attract more viewers, and grow your channel. Try it today, go through trial and error to get your YouTube tags strategy on point and consistent.


Enaan Farhan


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